About Me

Once upon a time there was a little film major who had a ton of fun in college making short films, but really had no desire to become a waitress in LA or New York. So she moved home to Indy, got married to her dashing and clever husband, and traded in creating movies for capturing moments.

That fairly succinctly sums up why I am a photographer. I love the art involved with people in places doing things Ė and photography is a medium in which I can capture some of those moments. I am thankful to those first portrait subjects who let me snap a lot of pictures and have a lot of ďlearning momentsĒ. I am also thankful to Stephen J. Sasson, whom Google tells me is the inventor of the digital camera, Adobe, for selling Photoshop ô, John Freeland, a photographer who first introduced me to the concept of letting clients print their own pictures, and to God for giving me a right index finger and two working eyeballs. And a brain. Iím very thankful for my brain.

Iíll keep the biography short because what you really care about is the gallery. This is reasonable. Who cares if Iím a witty character with a likeable personality if I canít take a decent photograph? (At least in the realm of a photographer/client relationship, that is.) Go ahead, click that gallery button again. If you like what you see, send me an e-mail (info on my contact page)!